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Product Features

Implementing the best logistics software helps large companies expand markets and small companies level the playing field with larger competitors. With a team of skilled software engineers, BlueTree is dedicated to creating state-of-art logistics software that is unique in comparison in the global market place.

We are continuously expanding our product portfolio and enhancing our existing products to offer technologically advanced, end-to-end solutions and will continue to do so.

A Complete Solution For Logistic Companies

  • Userfriendliness
  • Access from anywhere
  • Wide range of Reports
  • Data Security
  • Userwise Access Restriction

With years of experience in the domain, our logistics software takes care of every need of the business

We will be soon available in all devices! Device support
What our customers say
Our entire team loves this product! It is very easy to use and cut down much of our unnecessary time! We wish we have this products years ago. We love this cloud-base system! As a SME, we could now go after big clients! This product saves us a lot of operational cost! We are taking this to all of our worldwide locations without any pains! Daniel Lee, Motherlines Inc,. New York, USA
We were assessing a software solution that will simplify the operations, improve productivity . We chose Blue Tree for its proven expertise in providing and implementing such solutions across the world. Their software Incloud Logistics X1 is simple to understand, adaptive and the most suitable for our business. N. Santhosh Kumar, Cargomar, Cochin, India